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Hello lovelies,
I’m Kristine and I am honored to have you here.  I’ve had the pleasure and passion as a Beauty Artist for the last 15 years.  I love highlighting and revealing your natural God-given beauty. 
I believe true beauty is complimented with Faith, Grace, and Love.

It all began with an answered prayer…2 years ago I prayed for the direction of purpose to give God all the glory in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and Blessed Beauty came to fruition.  It was created for women to define their natural beauty in their own way. Each Blessed Beauty product is designed to celebrate the good news “you are adored” and it offers women the opportunity to boldly say I AM A MASTERPIECE just the way God created me. I felt a calling and wanted to bring a change to the way girls feel about themselves.  I want to inspire women and help them feel confident at all times. I decided to change and develop a new approach in which beauty products were being marketed.  Driven by God’s confidence!

It’s time to remove the reputation that is often attached to beauty labels and to ensure women feel confident and beautiful without any inappropriate messages being attached to the beauty products they use. We are committed to make a change and stand for beauty products that have an uplifting and inspiring message to be centered in Faith through inspiring top-quality cosmetics with a purpose.

People ask me how Blessed Beauty came to be…It came out of all the hard moments of my life – that seem to come crashing around me. It came about as a reminder to each woman that uses it, that she is loved and created for so much more than society throughs at her as the “perimeters” of what works. This is your daily reminder that you were created for MORE> and God is that MORE.
Like many women, I too look in the mirror sometimes and see less than. I’ve been at points in my life where I wanted to make drastic changes to myself…thinking if I did – I’d be SO much happier. This is the “grass is greener” syndrome, it’s hard in a society where all we see is the highlight reel of most people’s lives. It’s easy to think that everyone else has it all…and that you never will. Blessed Beauty was born out of my pain as a beautiful reminder that I AM beautiful, loved, and adored as God’s perfect Kristine. He loves me just as I am…who am I to argue with the Creator of the universe?

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